our Mission

Our Beautiful Family empowers
Families to overcome the financial
challenges of adoption.


We want to be the preferred adoption
fundraising platform by providing a safe place
for families to share their adoption stories.

Provide a safe, dignified, and secure way for adoptive families to share their financial needs.

Supply donors with a transparent process to financially support adoptive families.

Support adoptive families who
are adopting domestically
and internationally.

Our Why

Our Story

For us, adoption is deeply personal.

We are families who have experienced adoption firsthand. We comprehend its beauty and we understand the challenges.

We firmly believe that every child deserves a loving home, irrespective of their circumstances or background.

We want adoptive families to be able to devote their full attention to the needs of the child as they establish a home.

We understand the complexities of the adoption process, whether it be local, international, or involving the foster care system. From navigating legal intricacies to addressing emotional dynamics, we acknowledge its difficulties.

We believe that the financial resources required for adoption are available and that communities are waiting to be a part of your adoption journey.

Our Response

Leveraging our background and expertise in fundraising, Our Beautiful Family exists to support families in overcoming one of the most significant hurdles in the adoption journey.

Through unwavering advocacy, collaborative partnerships, and empathetic understanding, our Board of Directors strives to foster a culture of inclusivity and empowerment within the adoption community.

Together, we aim to create a brighter future filled with love, support, and limitless opportunities for every child awaiting their forever home.

Our Experience

From 2016 to 2022 this team supported over 2,500+ Adoptive Families raising over $15,000,000+ through the Pure Charity platform. Today, this same team has teamed with additional adoption experts to launch a new nonprofit to continue supporting adoptive families to overcome the financial costs of adoption.


Our Board of Directors

Mike Rusch

CEO, Pure Charity & Adoptive Dad (International)

Kristin Buse

President, Pure Charity & Adoptive Mom (Domestic)

Mike Gebhart

Pure Charity Board Member & Adoptive Dad (Foster Care)