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Benefits of Fundraising with
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Family Benefits

✓ Create an Adoption Fundraiser &     Start Fundraising in 5 minutes.

✓ Embed your Fundraiser into your     own website.

✓ Accept One-Time or Monthly     Recurring Donations.

✓ Have funds sent directly to your     Adoption Agency with no additional     paperwork.

✓ Weekly Grant Decisions &     Disbursements.

✓ Donors can cover the 5% processing     fees.

✓ Private adoption progress updates.

Donor Benefits

✓ All donations are tax-deductible.

✓ End of Year Donation Statements         sent automatically.

✓ Donor Giving Account to manage           payment methods, privacy                       information, and receive updates     on Fundraisers.

✓ Donate by ApplePay, PayPal, Credit     Cards, Bank Drafts, Checks, Stock     Donations, and/or International     Donations.


Getting started.

Get started with your adoption fundraising in 5 minutes or Less

1. Create Family Profile

Create your family’s adoption profile with details about
your story.

2. Easily Share

Easily share your fundraiser with friends and family to raise

Want to learn more? Visit our Help Center.

3. Request a Grant

Funds can be safely sent to your adoption agency or to you for reimbursement of qualified adoption-related expenses.

How do Grants work?

How do I receive a grant?

As you share your Family Profile and receive donations, you may request a grant for qualified adoption related expenses.

Grant Requests are made through your Family Profile Account after expense information has been submitted, reviewed, and approved by the Our Beautiful Family team.

Currently, Grant Requests are reviewed every Thursday & Grants issued within 5 to 10 business days after they are reviewed and awarded.

What are adoption-related expenses?

Qualified adoption-related expenses are the necessary expenses incurred by the family for the adoption of an eligible child.

These expenses typically include:

Adoption Fees, Court Costs, Travel Expenses, Re-Adoption Expenses, and other necessary expenses directly related to the legal adoption of the child (learn more).

Our Team

From 2016 to 2022 this team supported over 2,500+ Adoptive Families raising over $15,000,000+ through the Pure Charity platform.

Today, this same team has teamed with additional adoption experts to launch a new nonprofit to continue supporting adoptive families to overcome the financial costs of adoption.